Cocomelon Cake Designs

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Cocomelon Cake Designs by Sestra's Kitchen

Are you one of the 100 million YouTube subscribers of Cocomelon? Then, you or you’re kids are going to love these Cocomelon cake designs.

Previously names as ABC Kid TV, Cocomelon is one of the most subscribed and most viewed YouTube Channels in the platform. You can’t deny the appeal that the characters have and how the videos are set up. 

The videos of this channel basically revolve around a particular family and their community. Additionally, their videos are set up as if every video is connected to another even if every rhyme is different from the other. That’s probably one of the many reasons why many children are hooked and do love watching their videos.

cocomelon cake design, fondant toppers
cocomelon cake, fondant toppers
cocomelon cake design
cocomelon cake
cocomelon cake 2
cocomelon cupcakes

Cocomelon Cake Designs

That being said, it is not surprising that a lot of our clients have been requesting these designs from us and of course, we are happy to fulfill those requests. Here are some of the cocomelon cake designs that we have made for our clients these past months.

cocomelon cake 4
cocomelon cake 5
cocomelon cake 6
cocomelon cake 7
cocomelon cake 8
cocomelon cake 9

Have your cocomelon cake designed by Sestra’s Kitchen today! Contact us to get started. For more designs, visit us on Facebook.

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