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Realistic Plantita Cake Design

For “Plantitos” and “Plantitas” out there, check out these plant and flower designs made by Sestra’s Kitchen. If you’re a plant lover or who have come to love plants because of the pandemic, you’ll surely love these plantita cake designs.

plant cake design
flowers and plants cake 3
flower in a pot cake design, orchid

This plant cake design is an excellent way to add a creative touch to your special day. It can also be used to celebrate other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays.

You can create unique plant and flower designs that are perfect for weddings because they can be customized to match the theme of the event.

flowers and plants cake 4
flowers and plants cake 6
flowers and plants cake 5

How to create a plant cake design?

flowers and cactus in a basket
flowers and plants cake 8
flowers and plants cake 9

The first step in creating plant designs is choosing which plants you want on top of it. You will need to decide if you would like one or more types of flower arrangements. If there are multiple varieties of flowers that look good together then choose them all.

For example, roses, peonies, tulips, daisies, carnations, lilies, gerberas, hydrangea, sunflowers, etc. Once you have chosen what kind of arrangement you want, you will need to select some specific flowers from those choices.

It’s best to stick with common flowers so that everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about when you describe the design. When selecting the right amount of each variety of flowers, make sure that they aren’t too big or small.

A few large blooms might overwhelm the rest of the design while many tiny ones won’t stand out enough. Also, consider how much space you have available between the different layers. This may require cutting down certain parts of the bouquet to fit into the allotted area. Make sure not to cut off any stems since these could potentially fall apart during transport.

flowers and plants cake 10
flowers and plants cake 11
flowers and plants cake 12

Flower and Plant Cake Design

flowers and plants cake 13
big cactus with flower design
flowers and plants cake 15

Flowers are often incorporated into a decoration to represent something important to the couple. In addition to being beautiful, these decorations can help set the mood at the reception by adding color and texture. Some couples include their favorite pet’s name within the floral pattern. Others use the colors of the bride’s dress or the groom’s tuxedo jacket.

To ensure that your flower and plant cake design looks just as lovely as the person who receives it, follow these tips:

flowers and plants cake 17
flowers and plants cake 16
cactus and flower cake
  • Don’t overdo it! Too many flowers can overpower the overall appearance of the design. Keep the number of blossoms low and focus instead on making sure every part of the design has plenty of detail.
  • Use complementary shades of white, cream, ivory, blush pink, rose gold, champagne, pale blue, soft yellow, light green, medium purple, dark red, burgundy, deep orange, brown, black, gray, silver, tan, chocolate, coffee, and teal.
  • Choose flowers that complement the style of the design. Roses work well with buttercream frosting but don’t go with fondant-covered ones. Tulips pair better with fondant than with buttercream. Gerberas are great for springtime themes. Carnation buds are classic for Valentine’s Day. Peony heads are traditional for Easter time. Hydrangeas are popular for summer celebrations. Sunflowers are appropriate for autumn events. Lilies are suitable for winter weddings. And forget about using artificial flowers; real ones always look far superior.
  • Select only fresh flowers whenever possible. Avoid buying dried versions unless absolutely necessary. They tend to be less vibrant and last longer than live specimens. Dried flowers also take up considerably less room inside the refrigerator.
  • Consider whether you should buy your flowers locally or order online. Local florists offer lower prices because they pass along savings to customers through reduced overhead costs. However, shipping charges add up quickly. Online stores usually charge higher rates due to increased packaging and delivery fees.

If design ideas for men are what you’re looking for, check out our trendy designs for men.

Get your realistic plant cake design from Sestra’s Kitchen! Contact us to get started. For more designs, visit us on Facebook.

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