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Dessert Buffet Packages by Sestra's Kitchen

Dessert buffet set up is fun, delicious, and easy to prepare. They also make for an impressive presentation at parties and events. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you want to create a successful dessert buffet setup.

Here are some general tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right plates

You want to choose plates that are sturdy enough to hold the desserts without breaking. If you use a glass plate, you will need to cover it with plastic wrap before placing the extraordinary desserts on it. You can either buy a disposable or reusable plastic wrap from your local grocery store. The best thing about using this type of wrapping is that they come in different sizes so you don’t have to worry about wasting any space when storing them away after serving.

2. Use attractive dishes

If you plan to serve sweets like cakes and pies, then you may want to consider buying special cake stands or pie plates instead of regular dinnerware. These types of dishes look more elegant than plain bowls or cups. To add an extra flair to your party, try adding decorative items such as candles or flowers. This way, guests won’t be able to resist trying out each dish!

3. Make sure everything has room to breathe

When creating your own dessert buffet set up, remember to leave plenty of open space between all the food containers. It’s important not only because it looks nice but also because people tend to eat faster when their stomachs feel full. So by leaving empty spaces around the foods, you’ll ensure everyone gets to enjoy every bite.

4. Keep the table clean

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t let dirty dishes pile up while preparing your dessert buffet set up. Instead, wash off all the utensils used during preparation and wipe down the surfaces where food was served. Also, take care of spills immediately. Don’t wait until later; otherwise, you might end up having to throw out half-eaten treats.

5. Serve hot drinks first

 Hot beverages like tea, coffee, and milk go well with most desserts. Serving these kinds of drinks first gives guests time to warm up their hands and mouths before eating. In addition, cold liquids can cause indigestion which could lead to overeating.

6. Provide healthy options too

Don’t forget to include healthier choices like fruits and vegetables in your dessert buffet offerings. Not only do they complement other sweet snacks better, but they’re also good sources of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. For example, bananas contain potassium, oranges provide vitamin C and broccoli contains calcium.

7. Add ice cream

Ice creams are perfect additions to many desserts. Guests love dipping pieces into chocolate sauce or drizzling caramel over top. Ice cream is also great for cooling down those who prefer sweeter flavors.

8. Include small bites

Smaller portions of desserts work perfectly fine since they allow guests to savor each mouthful. Smaller servings also give guests less chance of getting sick due to overeating.

9. Be creative

There are no rules regarding what kind of desserts you can put together in a dessert buffet set up. As long as you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you can mix and match whatever you’d like. Just think outside the box and experiment with new ideas.

10. Have fun

The last tip we would like to share with you is to just relax and have fun. You don’t necessarily have to worry about how things will turn out if you simply make an effort to create something unique. After all, this is supposed to be a celebration right? Enjoy yourself and celebrate life!

With that said...

Sestra’s Kitchen now offers dessert buffet packages for any events to our valued customers in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. Take advantage of the money you will potentially save with our packages. 

Consider our dessert buffet when ordering your customized cakes.

Our Dessert Buffet Set Up

The way we set up our dessert buffet sets us apart from the rest. We always strive to blend with the occasion’s theme and not use the same set up over and over again. Although, it’s inevitable to use the same equipment, we always bring something different to the table.

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Package A ( no cake )

PHP 5,000 . 00
  • 40 pcs Red Velvet Swirl
  • 40 pcs Chewy Brownies
  • 20 pcs Cake Balls
  • 40 pcs Mini Cupcakes
  • 20pcs Blueberry Cheesecake

    in shot glass

  • 20 pcs Mango Gulaman

    in shot glass

  • 20 pcs Churros

Package B

PHP 6,500 . 00
  • 1 Customized Cake ( 1 tier )

    soft icing

  • 40 pcs Red Velvet Swirl
  • 40 pcs Chewy Brownies
  • 20 pcs Cake Balls
  • 40 pcs Mini Cupcakes
  • 20 pcs Shotglass Dessert

    10 - blueberry cheesecake 10 - strawberry cheesecake

  • 20 pcs Mango Gulaman

    in shot glass

  • 12 pcs Churros

Package C

PHP 9,000 . 00
  • 1 Customized Cake ( 2 tier )
  • 40 pcs Red Velvet Swirl
  • 40 pcs Chewy Brownies
  • 20 pcs Cake Balls
  • 50 pcs Mini Cupcakes
  • 30 pcs Shotglass Dessert

    15 - blueberry cheesecake 15 - strawberry cheesecake

  • 30 pcs Mango Gulaman

    in shot glass

  • 30 pcs Churros in glass
  • 24 pcs Donuts
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Have your dessert buffet set up by Sestra’s Kitchen today! Contact us to get started. For more images, visit us on Facebook.

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