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3 unicorn cake designs

Magical Unicorn Cake Designs for Your Little Girl

Cakes are always a hit at parties and events, but sometimes they take center stage. If you want to wow your guests with something truly magical, then try these amazing unicorn cake designs.

Easy Unicorn Design Cake

There are many types of unicorn cakes, such as princesses, fairies, and dragons. Some are made entirely out of fondant icing, while some include other decorations like sprinkles, candy, chocolate chips, and confetti.

There are also many ways to create girly unicorn birthday cakes. For example, you can use cookie cutters, stencils, or even hand-cutting techniques.

unicorn cake with pink flower
unicorn cake with colorful wings
unicorn on a small cake
unicorn cake 6
unicorn cake with wings
unicorn cake design

Fondant Unicorn Cake Designs

You can make the unicorn’s horn in different shapes, from simple circles to more complex ones that look like horns. You can also add details like spikes, stars, hearts, and diamonds.

unicorn cake 13
unicorn cake 15
unicorn cake 10
unicorn rainbow cake
cute unicorn cake
unicorn birthday cake

If you have an idea for a unicorn cake design, then go ahead and start creating it! The possibilities are endless.

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