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Minimalist Cake Designs | What You Need to Know

Sestra’s Kitchen is dedicated to providing creative solutions to help people improve their baking skills. Our aim is simply to provide awesome ideas that anyone can follow without spending a fortune. For our first blog on tips and tricks, we decided to touch base on minimalist design. Read through and hope you’ll learn something from it.

What are minimalist cake designs?

minimalist cake designs

Minimalist design is a trend that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It’s a simple concept; cakes or kuchen are designed to be as minimalistic as possible. The idea behind this is that less is more. Minimalism is an art form that involves using only the bare essentials to create a beautiful piece of art whether it be for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christening, etc.

Designers are now taking this idea even further by designing kuchen that are almost completely empty. They use the minimum amount of ingredients to create their masterpiece. This can include just frosting, or it could mean no icing at all! Some minimalist cake designs have even gone so far as to not add any decorations on top of them. These types of kuchen are very popular and they’re becoming increasingly easier to make with each passing year.

The most important thing about these minimalist designs is that there isn’t anything wrong with being creative. Kuchen decorators should feel free to experiment with different colors and patterns if they want to. However, some people may find these kinds of designs too plain for their tastes because they don’t contain much detail. If you do decide to go down this route, then remember that simplicity does indeed speak volumes.

Who started minimalist cake?

It was actually a man named David Alan Smith who first came up with the idea of creating minimalist design. He created his own version of a wedding cake that had absolutely nothing but white frosting. His wife loved it so much she asked him to recreate it for her birthday party. Since then he’s become famous for his minimalist creations and many other bakeries around the world have copied his style.

When is a design considered minimalist?

minimalist cake, twenty seven

There are two main styles of minimalist cake designs: those without decoration and those with monochromatic color schemes. Without decoration means that there aren’t any decorations added to the kuchen itself. Instead, the entire design will consist of one solid color. Monochromatic refers to having multiple shades of the same color throughout your entire design. 

How long would it take to bake minimalist cakes?

This really depends on how complicated your design is going to be. A basic vanilla sponge cake takes approximately 30 minutes to cook while a chocolate mousse cake might require anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on its size. Once baked, it usually needs another 15-20 minutes before it cools off enough to cut into slices. So, when baking a minimalist cake, expect to spend somewhere between 2 hours – 3 hours total. Is it hard to make a minimalist design yourself?

If you’ve ever made regular baked goods, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here. Baking a minimalist one requires a lot of patience and practice. You need to pay attention to every step along the way. Otherwise, you risk ruining your work. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips that will ensure you get great results.

1) Choose the right recipe

You must start with a good recipe. There are plenty of recipes online that claim to be perfect for minimalist cakes. But, unfortunately, none of them seem to be true. Make sure you read reviews and look for recommendations from friends and family members. Don’t forget to check our website for ideas and inspiration. We always post new articles regularly which will give you lots of useful information.

2) Get everything ready beforehand

Before starting, make sure you have all the necessary equipment prepared. Have all the tools needed close by including measuring cups, spoons, offset spatulas, bowls, whisks, mixing bowls, piping bags, pastry brushes, parchment paper, oven gloves, cooling racks, plates, knives, cutting boards, and serving dishes. Also, keep extra buttercream nearby in case you run out during the process.

3) Use quality products

When choosing your supplies, try to stick to high-end brands like Wilton. Their products tend to perform better than cheaper alternatives. If you’re looking for something more affordable, consider using some silicone mats or even plastic wrap as an alternative to parchment paper. They won’t provide quite the same protection against sticking though.

4) Start small

When learning how to bake a minimalist cake, begin with simple projects. This allows you to focus entirely on each individual step rather than getting distracted by too many things at once. It also helps prevent mistakes since you can easily identify where they occurred. As soon as you feel comfortable with this technique, move onto bigger jobs. Remember not to rush through anything! Take time to enjoy the experience. Enjoy watching the batter rise and seeing the finished product come together.

5) Be patient

Baking a minimalist cake isn’t easy. The whole point behind doing it is because you want to save money. However, if you don’t follow these steps carefully, you could end up spending far more than expected. Try to avoid rushing through the process. Give yourself ample amounts of time to complete each task. And remember, no matter how difficult it seems now, your reward will definitely be worth it.

6) Keep calm

As mentioned earlier, baking minimalist cakes aren’t as straightforward as most people think. In fact, it’s often easier said than done. That being said, never lose control over your emotions. Never let frustration get the best of you. Always remain positive and focused. Stay determined and motivated. Above all else, stay relaxed.

7) Decorate first then fill

Decorating a minimalist cake should happen before filling it. You’ll need enough space around the edges so that when you add the frosting, there’s room left for decoration. Once you’ve decorated the sides, use a knife to cut away any excess icing. Then, place the kuchen into the fridge until the frosting has set. Remove the kuchen from the refrigerator and gently remove the side panels. Fill the center of the cake with whatever type of frosting you’d prefer. Finally, finish off with decorations such as sprinkles, edible flowers, candies, etc.

8) Add finishing touches

Once you’ve filled the kuchen, it’s important to ensure that every last detail looks its absolute best. For example, sprinkle sugar crystals along the top edge of the cake. Or, create a border by adding strips of fondant across the bottom of the cake. These little details really bring the cake to life.

9) Serve immediately

Minimalist kuchen aren’t meant to sit around waiting for guests to arrive. So, serve them straightaway after making them. Otherwise, they may dry out and become stale. Alternatively, store them in the chiller for later consumption.

10) Store properly

If possible, store minimalistic cakes in airtight containers. Ideally, choose ones made specifically for storing food. They’re much better quality than regular plastic storage boxes. Also, make sure that the container doesn’t have sharp corners or crevices. Both are perfect places for mold growth to occur.

11) Don't forget about the presentation

If you plan to display your minimalist cake somewhere special, consider using an attractive platter. Choose one that complements both the design of the kuchen itself and the overall theme of the event. A white plate would look great against a black-and-white themed party. While a gold plated tray might work well alongside a classy dinner setting.

12) Make it personal

Finally, try to incorporate some elements which reflect your personality. Whether it’s something small like writing “Happy Birthday” inside the kuchen or creating a personalized message on the back of the serving dish. Anything goes! Just keep in mind that while you’re trying to save money, you shouldn’t sacrifice taste either.

What cake decorating tool/s do you need?

1) Cake tins – these come in various sizes but I recommend getting at least 2 standard-sized round tins. This will allow you to bake two different size cakes simultaneously without having to switch between pans. If you don’t already own this essential kitchen gadget, now is definitely the time to invest in one.

2) Knife – a serrated breadknife works perfectly here. It allows you to easily slice through the buttercream once it’s hardened. Plus, it makes cutting shapes super easy.

3) Scissors – if you want to be able to trim away extra bits of fondant, then investing in good scissors is worth considering. The kind used for papercraft projects usually suffice.

4) Pastry brush – this helps prevent crumbs from falling onto the surface of the kuchen during assembly. And also serves as a handy way to apply royal icing.

5) Pipette – a pipette comes in very useful when applying large quantities of liquid. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense precise amounts of cream cheese, milk, water, syrup, etc.

6) Toothpicks – toothpicks can help you pick up individual pieces of fondant. But more importantly, they’re ideal for holding mini cupcakes together whilst assembling.

7) Ruler – not only does a ruler measure accurately, but it also ensures that each piece of fondant fits snugly within the borders of the kuchen tin.

8) Cutting mat – a cutting mat keeps your countertop free of sticky messes. You’ll find many types available online. However, I’d suggest opting for a rubber-based version since it won’t leave any residue behind.

9) Rolling pin – a rolling pin with nonstick coating means less cleaning afterward. Plus, it prevents sticking issues.

How long should my adorable cakes last before they go bad?

minimalist cake, starry night

The average lifespan of a kuchen depends largely upon how fresh it was stored prior to being served. As mentioned earlier, baking times vary depending on what type of cake you’ve chosen. For example, sponge cakes tend to take longer to cook because there’s no flour base. On the other hand, chocolate cakes require significantly shorter cooking periods. In general, most cakes can survive for 3 days before starting to deteriorate. After that point, however, their texture starts changing. At best, they start tasting bland; at worst, they could even go bad.

So, whether you’re planning to host a birthday celebration or just treat yourself to a decadent dessert, remember to always follow proper guidelines regarding temperature control. That way, you can enjoy delicious desserts every single day.

To wrap up...

I hope this article helped clear up any confusion surrounding minimalist kuchen designs. If you enjoyed reading through our list of tips and tricks, please share it with friends who also want to learn more about these types of desserts. And if you have anything further to say regarding minimalist kuchen designs, feel free to leave us a comment below. We always love hearing what other readers have to say.

You can check our minimalist designs here. Should you want minimalist kuchen designed for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to achieve the minimalist cakes you so desire.

Alternatively, if you want design ideas specifically for men, check out our trendy designs for men.

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